Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/7-9/13 Saturday Summary

This week concludes with a 4.6 pound loss! I also took progress pictures on Tuesday, and could really see a difference from the side view, so a non-scale victory as well. I started feeling sick on Thursday and it was worse on Friday, so my diet and exercise are off a bit on those days.
Here's the recap:

- Sunday: Reward day, about 2000 calories
- Monday: Low carb, 1170 calories
- Tuesday: Low carb, 1220 calories
- Wednesday: High carb, 1390 calories
- Thursday: Low carb, 1175 calories
- Friday: SHOULD have been low carb. Instead I was feeling too sick to eat, what I did make myself eat didn't fit any type of day and I can't in around 850 calories.
- Saturday: High carb: 1425 calories

You might notice my calories are a bit low some days. I'm assuming my ability to eyeball 4oz portions of meat is likely imperfect and I almost certainly get an amount of extra calories daily and am actually hitting my minimum numbers. 

- Sunday: 5 mile run
- Monday: 3 miles AM/Total synergistics PM
- Tuesday: 4 miles AM/Agility X PM
- Wednesday: 3 miles AM/X3 Yoga PM
- Thursday: 3 miles
- Friday: No workout
- Saturday: Still feeling a little off, so NO official workout again today. I did walk with my kids to downtown to look at a sidewalk chalk event and got in a couple of easy miles.

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