Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 4

Today was day four of my new and improved routine. I'm now doing two workouts a day, a early in the day run of at least three miles and a later in the day P90X3 routine.  
I've done plenty of running over the last decade and a half, but backed way off after ending my nearly 700 day running steak in February 2013. I did 90 days of P90X3 between May and July of this year.     Combining the two is a great challenge that I'm excited to undertake!
But then day four happens. By day four, the soreness and tiredness of challenging your body beyond it's current fitness level is hitting you hard. The excitement is wearing a bit thin. Pushing through my measly little three miler with legs that feel like lead takes nearly 40 minutes. Later doing a workout filled with alternating types of pushups and (modified with resistance bands) pullups takes determination to finish since my arms are screaming at me by the hallway point.
Luckily I know that day four is usually the worst day and then things start getting somewhat easier. Only by a slight bit for another week or so, but then the fitness level really starts improving and you start feeling strong again.
So here's to checking day four off on the calendar. To anyone else beginning a fitness routine, know that a few days into it, it will feel hard. You might be discouraged. You'll be tempted to quit. Knowledge is power though, you know your day four will come and you'll be prepared for it and ready to push through to find your new strength!

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