Sunday, August 24, 2014

No Fad Diets, Supplements, Shakes, or Any Other Gimmicks Required!


Of course the all important question when any one is losing or has lost weight is: "How are you doing it?" In this post I'll share a little bit of my past eating habits and what I'm doing now.

I mentioned in another post that I've learned much about truly healthy eating over the years. I know how many calories to eat and proper portion sizes. Going for "seconds" aren't even a thought, let alone done. I know lean protein, veggies, and fruit are the healthiest things. I've never eaten much processed food, most of the things we eat are homemade.

I'm also strongly opposed to fad diets, meal replacements, and all those other diet products out there. Why? Because generally those aren't a permanent lifestyle change, they're a temporary thing until the extra weight is gone. Are very many people really going to spend $200/month for very long to keep drinking their shakes and taking their pills to maintain weight loss? Who's really going to be able to eat low carb for fifty years?

So why tell you this? If I sound snobby, that's not my intent. I'm saying all of this to explain where my mind was because my pride and my belief that I had it all together in the eating department almost kept me from discovering an awesome eating plan that's doing wonders for me!

I follow "Extreme Weight Loss" on Facebook, not because I wanted diet tips but because it's a TV show that I enjoy. Occasionally I'd see posts about "Carb Cycling", which is the plan the show participants follow. I never clicked the link to learn what it was until four weeks ago. For some reason when I saw it that day, I decided to check it out. I'm happy I did because the whole concept really clicked and I started the very next day! It's great because it's a lifestyle plan that lets you have the benefits of low carb dieting without facing a lifetime of never having them. In 4 weeks, eating the same foods I've always eaten but combined differently, I'm actually seeing results!
See for yourself below! The left is the "before" in case the difference isn't as visible as I believe it to be. It's embarrassing to share my pictures right now, but I guess that's a part of putting my story out there.

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